About Us

Buying local and buying Oregon is the spirit of what we embody.

We have sold our products since 1989 from three different store locations in Central Oregon and have been offering our products on the web since 2001.


Sunriver Village Mall                            Bend Downtown (New Location)

 Building 24A                                                    639 NW Franklin Ave

 Sunriver, Oregon 97707                            Bend, Oregon 97701

 541-593-1950                                                 541-389-8850   

Dean and Hilary Gahagan have both lived in Oregon for many years, and have spent time in just about every part of the state enjoying Oregon’s wonders.

Dean was a successful Sales and Marketing executive in Oregon’s high tech industry and Hilary is a retired Oregon school teacher. They have always wanted to showcase Oregon’s treasures in a retail setting and allow everyone worldwide to enjoy them.

Now they promote and sell “Oregon Products” in their stores, and delight in discussing with the visitors to the area and the stores, just where to go to find the beauty in this great state.

If you are ever in Bend, stop by for a chat, and feel free to ask lots of questions. (Dean likes to talk!)